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Date 2024-03-15

Greetings from the College of Liberal Arts.

A new semester has begun, are freshers getting along with it? College and master graduates, have you ever burst with anxiety and suffering from dissertation? Staying far away from home country, do you wish there was a good listener by your side? Here’s a good news for you!

This semester we are holding a series of “會心時光”mentorship programme, supported by experienced mentors including Dr. Tseng Shou-Cheng, Dr. Lee Wei-Lun, Dr. Chin Shih-Chi and Dr. Fung Yi-Chao. Also we have Ms. Chen Huei-Ya and Mr. ChangYao-Jen, both enthusiastic students who are ready to lend an ear. Apart from conversations, we have organized a mindfulness event Taste Zen in Tea, which allows participants to cleanse their body and mind.

We sincerely invite all of you to join in. Whoever was lost or not feeling easy, please do not hesitate to reach us. We welcome all kinds of consultations, hoping to relieve and comfort one another in our life journey.

Please sign up the entry form for targeted session in advance. The schedule is as follows:


♥Group Session:

—Dr. Fung Yi-Chao (Mentor of the College of Liberal Arts)

2024/03/25 (Monday), 10:30-12:00, sign up here:

—Dr. Chin Shih-Chi (Vice Dean, Mentor of the College of Liberal Arts)

2024/04/01 (Monday), 10:30-12:00, sign up here:

—Dr. Lee Wei-Lun (Vice Dean, Head Mentor of the College of Liberal Arts)

2024/04/11 (Thursday), 12:30-14:00, sign up here:

—Dr. Tseng Shou-Cheng (Dean of the College of Liberal Arts)

2024/05/06 (Monday), 10:30-12:00, sign up here:


♥One-to-one Session:

—Ms. Chen Huei-Ya and Mr. ChangYao-Jen (PhD students, Department of Philosophy)

1. Applicable time is Tuesday (Mr. ChangYao-Jen) and Thursday (Ms. Chen Huei-Ya) respectively. Each session lasts for 50 minutes and only one application will be accepted in each time slot. (You will receive email of confirmation if application is successful)

2. One booking per person in each month.

3. First come first served if there are multiple applications for the same session. The order of arrangement is based on the application time.

4. Any queries feel free to email via

March session, sign up here:

April session, sign up here:

May session, sign up here:


♥Taste Zen in Tea:

Try Zen Buddhism to get rid of worries through a sip of tea.

March session, sign up here:

April session, sign up here:

May session, sign up here:

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