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Date 2020-02-15

Academic Developmentp

The College of Liberal Arts of National Chengchi University was formed in 1958, and was initially comprised of the departments of Chinese, Education, Western Language and Eastern Language. Additional departments were established by the school in 1961 due to the increased need for talented graduates in the wake of the subsequent social development of Taiwan as well as the adoption of the nine-year National Compulsory Education Plan. Thus the College of Liberal Arts established the Departments of History and Philosophy as well as associated research institutes, to train talented teachers and encourage specialized research. In total the College now has three departments, four independent institutes, as well as one training program and two additional master degree programs. There are also nine multi-disciplinary research centers for teachers - the Center for Phenomenology, the Center for Studies in Modern Chinese History, the Center for Body and Civilization Studies, the Center for the Research of Human Rights History, the Center for East Asian Literature, the Lei Chen Research Center, the Research Center for History, Culture, Literature of the Republican Period of China, the Research Center for Digital Humanites and the Reseach Center for Historical Sources in Europe concerning Taiwan.



The mission of the College of Liberal Arts is to elevate the quality of teaching and research in the humanities. In addition to the teaching of specialized fields, there are also lectures in literature and history offered to all university students. In order to strengthen the spirit of humanities and enhance scholarly research, the College has also recently established the Graduate Institute of Library, Information and Archival Studies, the Graduate Institute of Religious Studies, as well as the Graduate Institutes of Taiwan History and Taiwanese Literature, the latter two engaged in research of both specialized fields and Taiwanese culture. The College currently has academic cooperation agreements with 51 first-class international universities and colleges allowing for teacher and student exchanges. In addition, curriculums are provided for foreign students to study Chinese language and culture.


Future Directions
  • The promotion of international academic exchanges
  • The international promotion of Chinese Studies
  • The promotion of a research plan for humanities
  • The development of modern literature and history research
  • The expansion of Taiwan literature and history research
  • The promotion of digital humanities research


Core Periodicals

According to the 2020 THCI inclusion list released by the National Science and Technology Council( source: website ), the journals organized by our department were selected as follows:

  • The Chengchi University Chinese Literature Journal
  • National Chengchi University History Journal
  • Taiwan Literature Journal
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