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Date 2023-08-28


Our in-person exchange study abroad program has been resumed from 2023 Fall Semester. Please refer to the following instructions for the annual application deadline.


The exchange program can be delayed or cancelled, and the application details may change greatly depending on the status of COVID-19 and the policies by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education.



 [外薦交換生 /For Incoming Student]

1. 申請/Application [Form Download ]

申請截止日/Application Deadline:
1/31,針對第一學期(9月開學)/( for Fall, 1st Semester)
7/31,針對第二學期(2月開學)/( for Spring, 2nd Semester)

Ps. 保證書/Letter of Guarantee [Form Download]

2. 華語學習(免學費)/Mandarin Class Tuition Waiver    

(1) 初級/For Total-Beginner, please choose "Basic Mandarin" on Tue 4~7pm(TBC)
(2) 進階/For Non-Beginner, please choose "Applied Mandarin" on Wed 4~7pm(TBC)

一旦課程選擇後,即不能再做改變。/Once students decide the course, they cannot change it.
如果有選擇系所的專業課程,請記得空出華語學習的時段。Students who register to me don't need to choose it on the course selection phases. Please spare this time period for the Mandarin course while choosing your academic courses.

3. 簽證&居留證/ Visa & ARC
簽證由外交部核准/The VISA would only be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
交換生須在線上提出申請,政治大學文學院將會提供入學許可書作為證明。/The student needs to apply for the VISA on the following websites. We will issue the Certificate of Admission as the evidencing document.

(1)停留簽證(6個月以內)/Visitor Visa Application(no more than six months)
(2)居留簽證(超過6個月)/Resident Visa(for no less than six months)

更多訊息,請參照政治大學國合處/More Info, refer to OIC, NCCU

4.行事曆/ Calendar

5. 課程訊息/Course Information

6. 住宿/Accommodations[more info]
政大校內學生宿舍/On-campus Dormitory
Other fees: Dorm Deposit NT$1,000

7. 保險/Insurance
投保疾病與傷害險,一學期至少6個月/ Require to take out the Health Insurance System for illness and injury at least six months. (each semester )

8. 校園生活/Campus Life[more info]

Q1: 何時寄出「入學許可書」?/ When will the Certificate of Admission be release?
Will be mailed to you before
4月以前(針對第一學期)/ Apr. ( for Fall, 1st Semester )
10月以前(針對第二學期)/ Oct. ( for Spring, 2nd Semester)

Q2: 何時寄出成績單?/When will the transcript be released?
Course Final Grade
1. 學期結束後可上系統查詢/After class ends, you can check your course final grades online via iNCCU
2. Grading System: 80-100=A=4, 70-79=B=3, 60-69=C=2, 50-59=D=1, <50=E=0 (*passing grade: undergraduate=60 / graduate=70)
3. 郵寄成績單/Transcript free mailing:
學期結束後將會寄一份到您的學校/ After exchange students have finished the exchange program, we will mail 1 copies of English transcript to students' home university.

Q3: 如何從機場(桃園或松山)來政治大學?/How to get NCCU from the airports (Taoyuan or Songshan) ?
[從機場來政治大學的訊息/Info Download]
[政大校園地圖/Campus Map]

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